“Freedom to Journalists” exhibition in Leeds

Amnesty International Leeds Branch, has organized an exhibition to draw attention to a large number of journalists whose freedom was taken away. A number of journalists imprisoned, on trial, some of whom was sentenced to life imprisonment while some got 6 years in jail, released though that can not even write any media organization, some decided to capture again about either detained, continue to be on the European agenda. Amnesty International Leeds Branch held an exhibition of photographs of numerous prominent journalists and writers such as Ahmet Altan, Ali Bulaç, Musa Kart, Mümtaz’er Türköne, Mehmet Kamış, Mustafa Ünal, Ali Ünal, Tarık Toros, Cemal A. Kalyoncu, Mehmet Özdemir, Ünal Tanık, Abdülhamit Bilici, Sedat Laçiner, Mahmut Akpınar.

Leeds branch of Amnesty International officials said that they organized this exhibition for journalists to regain their freedoms as soon as possible.  Many journalists and citizens visited the exhibition at Mill Hill Chapel in the center of Leeds.