We were at the European Parliament on Enforced Disappearances Day

In the occasion of Enforced Disappearances Day, in front of the council of Europe in Strasbourg protests are made by Human Rights Defenders, in short HRD.


Hizmet Volunteers’ mafia-style abductions and their communication gap between their families for months were protested in France. A large number of people supported HRDs protest in front of the European Council in Strasbourg as well. Protestors put masks of the missing and carried their photos.

We attended to support the protests with our administrative unit and a group of our members.

After July 15th, 6 Hizmet Volunteers were kidnapped and were not be heard from for months.  While 4 of those volunteers were left in Security Chief Office at night, there is still no trace for Gökhan Türkmen, missing for 204 days, and Mustafa Yılmaz, missing for 193 days. Additionally Yusuf Bilge Tunç kidnapped 24 days ago and was added to the list of the missing.