What is Peaceful Actions?

Peaceful Actions is an European grassroots platform, established by several civil society organizations, who joined forces in order to build a collective momentum, raise awareness and take action for human rights.

Believing that no one is free when others are oppressed, Peaceful Actions aims to be the voice for victims of human rights violations and to develop a network of local partners operating around the world to promote human rights.

Both through expanding our existing partnerships of different human rights organizations, and building a wider network of grassroots organizations, we are keen to connect organizations and initiatives around the world who have the shared aim of defending human rights and building sustainable peace.

Through our network, we highlight the work of local peacebuilders to raise the profile of their work, connect them with other like-minded organizations, and to share their insights with a wider international community.


Women´s Rights

Peaceful Actions underlines the need to place women’s empowerment and women´s rights  at the center of promoting human rights – an emphasis that is shared by all the grassroots partners. Women´s Rights are Human Rights! We strongly believe that there can be no justice and no lasting peace on the planet, if women continue to be relegated to subservient and often dangerous and back-breaking roles in society.

Freedom of Media

Peaceful Actions aims to promote journalists’ safety and the resilience of media institutions, challenges attempts to shut down the internet and access to social media, and wants to strengthen critical thinking and media literacy.

We strongly believe that free, independent and pluralistic media based on freedom of information and expression is a core element for human rights. Making the facts known to the public plays a crucial role for defending human rights and holding governments accountable.

Fight Against Tortue

Recognizing the prevalence of torture in the world and the need to take active steps to combat it, Peaceful Actions aims to prevent torture in all its forms and  advocate for the granting of international protection to victims of torture who are forced to flee their countries and to prevent forced returns to countries where people will be at risk of torture.

Children´s Rights

Peaceful Actions believes that children are our greatest assets for a peaceful, just, inclusive and prosperous world, today and tomorrow, and recognizes the pressing need and urgency to accelerate progress and intensify action to ensure we leave no child behind, and to support every child to reach their full potential.

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