Peaceful Actions underlines the need to place women’s empowerment and women´s rights  at the center of promoting human rights – an emphasis that is shared by all the grassroots partners.


Peaceful Actions aims to promote journalists’ safety and the resilience of media institutions, challenges attempts to shut down the internet and access to social media, and wants to strengthen critical thinking and media literacy.


Recognizing the prevalence of torture in the world and need to take active steps to combat it, Peaceful Actions aims to prevent torture in all its forms and  advocate for granting of international protection to victims of torture and people will be at risk of torture.


Peaceful Actions believes that children are our greatest assets for a peaceful, just, inclusive and prosperous world, today and tomorrow, and recognizes the pressing need and urgency to accelerate progress and intensify action to ensure we leave no child behind, and to support every child to reach their full potential.

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As a partnership, Peaceful Actions Platform becomes the peaceful voice for the people who only want to live in a democratic society.


Universal Periodic Review - Turkey

Universal Periodic Review - Turkey

The present report was prepared pursuant to Human Rights Council resolutions 5/1
and 16/21, taking into consideration the periodicity of the universal periodic review. It is a
compilation of information contained in reports of treaty bodies and special procedures and
other relevant United Nations documents, presented in a summarized manner owing to
word-limit constraints.

HRD'S SoEC Report

HRD'S SoEC Report

The Venice Commission issued Opinion No. 865/2016 on the Emergency Decree Laws No 667-676 adopted Following the Failed Coup of 15 July 2016, to respond the circumstances within Turkey`s judiciary frame.
The Opinion highlighted that the immediate reintroduction of full access to courts for all the dismissed public officials was not practicable and instead recommended consideration of the possibility of creating a temporary ad hoc body tasked with examining individual cases of dismissals of public officials and other associated state of emergency measures1.

8 March 8 Women


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